In-School Program

A program best for Pre-school Kids. Fun with fitness. Experts agree there is no better time than preschool to start preventing childhood obesity and other lifestyle diseases. No other time in a child's life is education more effective in developing habits.Most classrooms have at least one impulsive child and in my experience, some classes have more than one. These impulsive children are frequently in trouble and display sincere regret for their actions repeatedly. When teaching, I wondered, “Will they ever learn?” A new study suggests that a simple solution for the impulsive child is physical activity. Published in theObesity Reviews, researchers identified that the brain controls inhibitory control which regulates impulsive behavior. The research also found a link between neurocognitive functions relating to eating behaviors and exercise. In other words, physical activity in school has a positive influence on impulsive eating and actions. In light of these findings, physical activity has two benefits schools should be interested in childhood obesity intervention, as well as, a calming effect on impulsive children.

  • Comprehensive programs that focus on daily activities like physical education classes all through kindergarten to high school.
  • Adequate resources for the same that include program funding, equipment etc.
  • Trained professionals to carry out the training activities.
  • Making sure that all the children are benefitted by this including the ones with physical disabilities.
  • Regular evaluation and comprehensive education setup.

What are the Benefits for You:

  • Build more value to your preschool childcare business
  • Professional Trainer
  • No worry about buying Props and equipment.
  • Assessment and Fitness Report Card
  • Our Total Yearly Cost less than maintaining a PE teacher in school.
  • Save time finding fitness and nutrition related materials
  • Marketing Promotion Benefit for School
  • Special discount for organizing Annual Sports day event

Kids Different Yearly Plans

Price Per Class
Total Yearly Cost
  • Strength: The strength of Regular Plan is the combination of their fun and informative and interactive session. This makes for a meaningful experience that instills lifelong habits.
  • This Plan is for everyone and is easy on the pocket when compared to the competition.
Price Per Class
Total Yearly Cost
  • Strength: The strength is their fun involved in the plan. It has an energetic session that kids can relate to.
  • This Plan is the most popular one which has the right mixture of Energy and Fun.
Price Per Class
Total Yearly Cost
  • Strength: This Plan is suitable mostly for Schools who are serious about their Kids Fitness and would like to engage the kids in a fun & frolic manner.
  • This will enable to bring in the best in the Kids.

Break up of Our Each Session

After School Program

Available in weekend session ,Program Designed for Kids Age between 2 to 12. Fun packed activities vary from day to day and week to week so that there is something for everyone. They include: A wide range of sports ,Creative games,Weekend Program, Apartment Program, Adhoc Program.

  • You can enrol your child for these programs for a better outcome and individual training.
  • These activities can focus on programs to overcome you child’s individual problems.
  • These can also involve counselling and an all-round psychological development through cognitive activities.
  • This helps in establishment of relationships with society and a better social outlook

Adhoc Program

Sports Day Program

We offers unique solutions to facilitate the school sports day. Our coaches assist in organizing innovative games, track and field events and sports based events for the Sports Day.There are activities that focus on certain areas of development and there are activities that are based on all-round of a child. These can benefit your child in many ways.

Camp Programs For Child's
  • Fitness Camp
  • Winter Camp
  • Summer Camp