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Do you want to differentiate your preschool ???

Amit Jain | 06 Apr 2018

Do you want to differentiate your preschool ???

In our opinion, there is too much emphasis in the early years on skills gearing towards academic success. We highly suggest putting at least an equal amount of emphasis on teaching aids that develop motor skills and promote physical activity at a young age.

Teaching aids that develop motor skills not only assist in the physical development, but also develop the brain.

To have a well-rounded development you can’t neglect developing motor skills that build the foundation for being physically active, often for a lifetime. It will come back to haunt children in the future sooner or later, be it academically, self-confidence, ability to focus, to sleep well, maintain health...

You should look for toys, games, teaching aids that encourage physical activity

cater to all motor skills (rhythm, orientation, reaction, balance, differentiation, hand eye coordination and physical activity). E.g. if your child loves balls, e.g. get a speed ladder to develop rhythm or EZ steppers for Balance. If your child favors dancing, get some balls to learn throw and catch; the more varied, the better.

encourages interactive play with other children especially when they get older.

Activities should be age appropriate or they lose interest very quickly.

We need to inspire creativity.

The classes use low-tech equipment to get kids moving. They bat their arms at balloons to keep them afloat,  jump over low hurdles, do relay races around cones, and drop to the floor for pushups. 

It gets you moving kids body in different ways ...

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