Who Are We?

Fit futures (pairing fitness with fun) a fun time solutions for your kid to be active, playful with soil fitness and healthy mind. We bring you a team of qualified fitness coaches who reach out to your kids at their daycare, preschool, elementary or camp programs and provide a welcome dose of structured physical activity. We introduce the concept of sports, fun time with sports and various other aspects of Physical Education by providing age-appropriate fun-filled and structured Physical Activities to Pre-K grade students. These programs come with a positive result where the child engages itself to new fun game rather than wasting valuable time in TV entertainment and mobile games and they don’t even realize how the carefully structured, age-appropriate activities benefit their development.

"The purpose of training is to tighten up the slack, toughen the body, and polish the spirit - Morihei Ueshiba"

What Do we Change

What Do we Change

"Good Health is one of the many life skills that schools can reinforce. Children's targeted fitness program helps nurture overall development"

Habits Start Young

16% of children don't go for physical activity because they don't find it fun. Another 14% of children claim that "no one else does it" as a reason to not go for Exercise or have any physical activity We

We Like To Exercise But...

According to a survey, 92% of Indians believed that it was important to Indulge in Physical Activity. However, this contrasts heavily with the actual amount of adult Indians joining or looking after their physical health.

Fit Futures provides an engaging and interactive way for children to play and indulge in Physical Acitivities

In School Program

A program best for Pre-school Kids. Fun with fitness. Experts agree there is no better time than preschool to start preventing childhood obesity and other lifestyle diseases. No other time in a child's life is education more effective in developing habits.

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After School Program

Available in weekend session ,Program Designed for Kids Age between 2 to 12. Fun packed activities vary from day to day and week to week so that there is something for everyone. They include: A wide range of sports ,Creative games. .

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Sports Day Program

We offers unique solutions to facilitate the school sports day. Our coaches assist in organizing innovative games, track and field events and sports based events for the Sports Day. .

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